Cloudcroft, New Mexico

From My World To Yours

Cloudcroft, New Mexico

August 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing mass destruction across the globe, it is easy to fall into a hopeless mentality. Ironically, the remedy is Mother Nature herself. After being cooped up at home in El Paso, Texas all throughout the last half of my college junior year and summer, it was an absolute blessing to find rejuvenation before going back to the “cooped-up life” for the entirety of my senior year.

A two hour drive from my front door all the way to the trails of Cloudcroft, New Mexico was a very well needed, tranquil excursion amidst the unexpected chaos that the year 2020 brought. Here are a few of the images I captured practicing social distancing in the forest.

Credit: Images by Alexandra Lombardo, licensed under CC BY NC 4.0

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