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From My World To Yours

Society for Neuroscience 2019

The largest neuroscience conference in the world: Society for Neuroscience (SfN). The year 2019 was my first year in attendance where I found myself in the presence of approximately 30,000 other neuroscientists roaming the streets of Chicago! I already knew, just by the smooth flight, that this SfN experience was going to be one of…
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Life at Agnes Scott College

August 2017 – Present Agnes is known for its beautiful landscape & I embrace every bit of it on my study breaks. My first Christmas on campus… coupled with a bit of biology studying, of course! A typical sunrise before my calc-physics class. I wish my notes still looked like this. Alston student center to…
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Cloudcroft, New Mexico

August 2020 With the COVID-19 pandemic causing mass destruction across the globe, it is easy to fall into a hopeless mentality. Ironically, the remedy is Mother Nature herself. After being cooped up at home in El Paso, Texas all throughout the last half of my college junior year and summer, it was an absolute blessing…
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The Galapagos Islands

March 2018 On March 4, 2018, my classmates and I were en route to the most pristine location on the planet: the Galapagos Islands. Upon traveling to this Garden of Eden, I was posed with a question that would resonate with me throughout the entirety of the trip and long after. Should people travel to…
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