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Research Poster Building 101: Make an Impression

After several months of hard work in the Larimore Lab investigating the efficacy of the endosomal pathway in neurodevelopmental disorders, we were ready to call in all creative juices for poster making. While it may seem as though the poster-making phase of research is the easiest part of the process, it is actually quite the…
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2020 Senior Honor Thesis

While I initially envisioned my senior year living in the lab running experiments, I am still excited to work through my research thesis from home in El Paso, Texas (minus the data for now, of course). I am hopeful for the spring semester that students will be able to return safely to Agnes Scott’s campus.…
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The Larimore Lab: a brief view behind the bench

It has been over a year now since joining the Larimore Lab after falling in love with the never-ending, ever-changing process that is research. Since then, my determination to pursue biomedical research as a career has only multiplied as I have thoroughly appreciated every second of my time being an investigator in and out of…
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2019 STEM Scholars Program

After dipping into the pool of research through my molecular biology course and its corresponding inquiry-based research lab, I wanted to experience more and delve deeper into what could potentially be a suitable career for me in the future. After applying to several summer REU (research experiences for undergraduates) programs, I pursued Agnes Scott College’s…
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My First Experience with Inquiry-Based Research

During the my sophomore year in the spring of 2019, I took a molecular biology course that incorporated an inquiry-based lab. Never before had I experienced a lab course that required me to develop my own research project, let alone one that I would be devoted to for an entire semester. The professor instructing the…
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Why Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BMB)?

Public Health. This was the major I was sure to pursue all throughout my senior year of high school up until the last few weeks prior to my first day of undergrad. I had Agnes Scott College, my now undergrad institution, on my radar since October of the year before I started college. I was…
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