Learning & Love & the Love of Learning

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Learning & Love & the Love of Learning

When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.

Dalai Lama

Since becoming an Agnes Scott student in 2017, I have come to know many wonderful human beings. Selfless, vibrant, brilliant, driven – these are undoubtedly the qualities Agnes Scott students and faculty possess.

Initially, my mindset was fixed on the idea that I would quickly graduate from Agnes and jump straight into medical school. I somewhat felt the four years it takes to earn a bachelors was keeping me from what I really wanted to do. However, I soon realized that Agnes was more invested in me than what one would expect from a college or university, and I, too, became emotionally invested. Agnes has taught me that the journey it takes to reach your goals can be more important than the goals themselves.

Learning is a divine and powerful process – Agnes recognizes that wholeheartedly. The tenacious faculty and students hold an immense love and passion for education that, often times, the manner in which our professors teach and how students learn is so effortless that flow and enjoyment are inevitable. Learning at Agnes Scott goes beyond the mental processes; simultaneously, it provides the most difficult challenge and the greatest fulfillment. Many of us Scotties draw inspiration from our professors. When we see them go out of their way to promote quality education outside of the classroom and share their interests with the world, we begin to understand that when you love something so much, the best thing you can do is share it.

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